Our Services

Delivery of products in the home, as well as on-site measurement of briefs, and mobility implements such as walkers, crutches, and canes. We also provide instructions for maintenance and use of such implements. Our professional staff will also be available to evaluate personal care needs and offer assistance regarding information about specific supplies which are needed.

Products Provided

Mobility Accessories

We will offer products such as walkers, crutches & canes.

Personal Care Items

Our personal care items include briefs, bedside commodes & transfer benches.

Wound Care Products

We will provide some wound care products such as bandages, sterile dressings & tape. We will also offer infection control equipment such as gloves and masks.

Our History

Moore DME is here to offer our services and support to your family and loved ones. We appreciate the opportunity to assist you in all of your medical equipment needs.

Anise Moore, R.N. is a career nurse with more than 35 years of experience in the medical field. This includes twelve years as a personal care nurse and case manager with the Arkansas Department of Health. Due to her administrative experience in various Assisted Living communities she is highly experienced with identifying and pertaining to the needs of the disabled and elderly. Given her personal experience with her own disabled child she is ardent in providing clients with the utmost care they deserve. Her experience with the disabled and elderly has instilled a distinct mission to offer the most comprehensive, compassionate care to those not able to fully take care of themselves.

Co-Owner and husband of Anise, Van Moore, is originally from Fox, Arkansas. He is a career Merchant Marine sea Captain. This exciting and prestigious career has contributed to his understanding of managerial acumen, especially in instances of crisis resolution. His overwhelming energy and methodical approach contribute greatly to the operation, and guarantee every client need will be met punctually and accurately.


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Why should I use Moore DME?

Moore DME is a family owned business, located in your home town.

What about out-of-pocket costs?

We take Medicaid and Medicare! Many items are covered 100%, without the need for a copay. Even Medicare will cover 80% of eligible items leaving patients with only a 20% copay.

What if I don't have insurance?

No problem. We still offer great prices. Call today and see how much you can save with Moore DME.

How can I get supplies?

Simple! Just call Moore DME at (870) 269-7510. We can arrange delivery or pick up for your items.

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